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How long is your walk?

The Jaunt

A digital tour of 5 locations
$200 per month
  • Leadlines Analytics Account
  • Customised stainless steel QR Code
  • Jarrah hard wood Post
  • Walking tour CMS for text, images, videos and more

The Saunter

A digital tour of 10 locations
$400 per month
  • 5 Manager Seats
  • Branding with Logo
  • Leadlines Analytics Account
  • Customised stainless steel QR Code
  • Jarrah hard wood Post
  • Walking tour CMS for text, images, videos and more

The Hike

A digital tour of 25 locations
$1000 per month
  • Branding with Logo
  • Leadlines Analytics Account
  • Customised stainless steel QR Code
  • Jarrah hard wood Post
  • Walking tour CMS for text, images, videos and more


Your location deserves the best. So why not add professional content to your walking tour.

3D Modeling

Augmented Reality brings elements to life in the real world. It’s becoming ubiquitous, multi-platform and cost effective so why not integrate AR into your walking tour?

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Bring history to life with visual effects on your walking tour. They can be integrated into a video, AR or simple imagery.

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Film & Animation

Most people prefer to watch a video over reading. So why not offer professional video stories of our walking waypoints.

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Intricate design of and copyrighting of your waypoints will make for a more compelling experience.

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We have produced over 1000 tours over the last 10 years for small companies, NGOs, charities, government facilities and even projects for large international clients such as the BBC, American Airlines, Burberry and the All Blacks.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping small organisations receive rave reviews.



“Can I just start by saying how much we appreciate what you have done for us. It’s been amazing to work with you and the team and learn from you and I sincerely hope that we will get the opportunity to do so again VERY SOON.”

Astrid Scott

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Our success is when our clients succeed

and succeed they do…..


How easy are walking tours to set up?

Our aim at leadlines is to make setting up digital walking tours as easy as writing an email. Each waypoint can be treated like a webpage where you can choose to add text, an image or video.

How are digital walking tours maintained?

Leadlines provides a professional cloud service meaning you can sit back and not worry about maintaining the tours. We provide the hosting, the QR code tools and dashboard and even the signage on site.

Will we know if the walking tour is being used?

Most definitely. You will have your own dashboard where you will see volume over time as well as the device they were using. You will also be able to compare stats between waypoints.

Can we add more waypoints at a later date?

Your Leadlines dashboard will facilitate unlimited waypoints so you can add more at a later date if you have extra content to share. Leadlines will be able to add new posts if required too!

We would like to make our own signage, are we able to do this?

Absolutely. We can provide a discount if you wish to print your own signage. We also offer an unlimited dashboard option where you can generate your own walking tour codes!

Are we tied to a particular content management system?

Nope – we provide one for you, but you can use the Leadlines dashboard to direct to any page on your site if you wish to use your own website.

Do we need to reprint waypoint codes if we change the content location.

Absolutely not. Again we have thought of everything, you can simply go into your Leadlines dashboard to redirect the waypoint to a new piece of content.

Is there a minimum contract?

No, we offer a monthly service where you can cancel at any time. We do offer a 20% discount for those who prefer to prepay annually.

How long does it take to set up the walking tour?

Once you have signed up – we can send you details to start adding your waypoint content on the same day!

The QR codes are already printed on stainless steel plates and waiting to find a home! So these are ready for installation as soon as you have added the content you need to each waypoint.

Can Leadlines do the content for us?

Yes – we are a creative bunch and can certainly design the waypoints, create copy, videos, augmented reality and more.

We have also designed it to be open so any web design company can create content for you if you have a preferred supplier!

Have you much experience in our sector?

We have over 15 years of experience in creating interactive content for some of the most prestigious locations in the world!

We have been chosen for the Eiffel Tower, Parliament House, Tourism France, Destination NSW, Tourism WA, City of Albany,  University of Western Australia, Monash University, Edith Cowan University, Cambridge University, City of Bunbury, City of Vancouver, Alberta Tourism, Samsung, Audi, Rolls Royce and much much more.

What area do you service?

We are based in sunny Western Australia and love helping our own backyard digitise their neighbourhoods. However, we have also travelled the world whilst helping locations become interactive. We have been to Iceland, the volcanos of Reunion Island, to the top of the Eiffel Tower and even Abby Road Studios in London. What a cool job!

We can also create the walking tours remotely and ship the signage to you. You can simply get a local handyman to install the waypoint signage.

Where does the word leadlines come from?

Although it’s a wonderful term for walking tours, we bought the domain many many years ago when it was destined to be an equine-related shop! Leadline is a type of horse event for small kids. Life got in the way and the horsey shop never happened.

However, when our clients started demanding walking tours for their locations – we had a lightbulb moment when sifting through some of our domains.

Since then Leadlines has almost become a generalised term for digital walking tours.