Let’s get real. Avatars + deepfake technology are going to transform communication.

There are two examples in this demo: The most millennial/Californian conversation ever recorded in human history. Facebook Reality Lab’s demonstration of the most lifelike avatars in VR to date. Let’s look more into the Avatar example: “It’s a dome fitted with 132 camera lenses and 350 lights, and they’re all aimed at the center, where…

Photogrammetry with AeroRanger for Mavic Pro 1 & 2

Here is my latest Aero Ranger Tutorial – this is a pretty long one about how we created this power station model with photogrammetry. Download Aeroranger for free here – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aeroranger.beta.air&hl=en_AU (the back is intentionally missing as illustrated in the video). Software used: Aero Ranger, Capture Reality, Sketchfab Hardware: DJI Mavic Pro, Gaming Laptop.